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Since 2003, ATR has developed a strong reputation as a leading boutique consulting firm in Asia assisting global tourism & aviation brands in marketing, distribution, ecommerce and strategic planning & policy.

Destination Management & Capacity Building

Destination planning, stakeholder engagement & strategic review;

Asia/China product readiness analysis and consulting;

Market benchmark research & analysis;

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Strategic Engagement & Distribution Planning

Market entry solutions for international organisations;

Representing foreign organisations in China;

Market campaign & event management;

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Social Enterprise Development & Advisory Services

Managing capacity building programs in tourism;

Advising & mentoring start up tourism organisations;

Strategic economic planning & policy;

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Since 1993

Asian Tourism Resources

Asian Tourism Resources (ATR) is proud of what it was achieved since 2003, and equally excited as to what is ahead. Changes in technology and traveller behaviour necessitates that tourism consulting needs to equally evolve in its advice to destinations and organisation to maintain its respective value.

'The potential of tourism is giving future and changing the economies of nations to villages across the Asia Indo Pacific Region.'

Throughout the region, various destinations are still yet to realise their full sustainable tourism potential, while being geographically close to some of the largest travel markets tourism on the planet. While proximity to markets offer obvious opportunity, many destinations still face unique development challenges in terms of product development, capacity planning, awareness and distribution. Many regions have more concentrated challenges, with small populations, limited access to capital, have last leg access difficulties, and many now facing the impacts of climate change.

The services of ATR offer unique aspects of knowledge in key travel markets of China, Asia and Australia, while offering vast experience at a destination level in planning, product development, marketing and distribution. ATR is constantly studying and at the forefront of the transformative opportunities that exist in the Asia Indo Pacific Region. Realizing these opportunities often requires collaboration not only at a public and private level, but also at a much more localised perspective where-in applied interaction is important to advise, educate and assist. More than just offering scholarly policy presentations, it is ATR’s capacity to deliver specific project actions offering a clear point of difference as to what can and will be achieved in partnership with its clients.