Our Approach

Asia Pacific Australian Tourism Expertise

ATR was founded in 2003 to become a leading tourism marketing and representation firm based in China for international clients. While China marketing and representation is still the mainstay of the company, it has evolved to deliver consultative services for tourism organisations across the Asia Indo Pacific region.

ATR has consulted to some of the world’s leading tourism brands enabling countless opportunities.

Many highly respected public and private sector organisations have utilised the services of ATR in undertaking strategic reviews and planning.

In recent years ATR decided it should also be giving back assisting those in need at a grass roots level on tourism projects in Indonesia.

Our Story

China Experience

We are proud of ATR's professional reputation earned within the Chinese travel and aviation industry as an in-market resource designed to transparently assist in delivering solutions. ATR is constantly evolving its Chinese & Asian digital understanding and creativity assisting in building audiences, driving engagement and creating successful purchase channels.

Indonesian Experience

ATR has assisted local organisations in developing their businesses, both in product development an market expansion. A particular focus has been in assisting develop Social Enterpirse busiensses in Lombok and Java.

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To find out how ATR and it team of professionals can be assisting our organisation, please contact us to discuss the challenges you are seeking to overcome.