Stakeholder Engagement

ATR experience is in working closely in and within foreign organisations in assisting the planning, policy, product and distribution for specific markets in Asia, especially China.

Tourism Planning

ATR offers quality tourism research and planning for foreign clients to better undertsand and secure their niche opportunities in the ever evolving tourism industry globally.

Capacity Building

ATR works closely with clients in creating, insitgating and managing processes designed for creating sustainable growth and profitable outcomes in tourism.

Strategic Consulting

ATR delivers proper strategic planning and policy based upon facts not emotion, with a 360°understanding of markets which are constantly evolving and digitally decentralising.

Digital Benchmarking

Digital market engagement is now a must not a maybe. ATR is always researching market trends from digital sources, for distribution and marketing opportunties.

Increasing the Value

ATR assists companies looking to increase productivity, enhance experiences and ensure jobs for more in tourism, as travellers experience  destinations, busiensses and cultures.


Asia Indo Pacific Tourism Experience

Nurturing and assisting social tourism businesses are an important pillar of Asian Tourism Resources is in assisting social tourism enterprises build capacity within Asia.

More than China, we deliver consultative services across the Asia Pacific region enabling opportunity through destination strategic reviews, tourism product evaluation, data, analysis, market demand studies, business plan advice and policy development.

ATR is experienced in ·

  • Experience incommunity engagement;
  • Deep understanding of the tourism sector;
  • Delivering practical solutions in a cost-effective manner;

China Market Representation & Consulting

Asian Tourism Resources, through its subsidary, ATR China is a travel market consulting company with its genesis in representation services. This core service suits organisations seeking market entry solution and a vehicle to sustainably develop a future in and with China. ATR China's We offer advisory services, targeted marketing and tailored sales initiatives with distribution partners, digital platforms and media to increase Chinese awareness and intent for international clients, both public and private sector organisations.

Market Entry China

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